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Because excellent quality deserves excellent protection: The new PeroXeal™ packaging concept for pharmaceutical grades

Improving on a classic: the new PeroXeal packaging concept for Kollidon®

At BASF, we understand that quality and stability are crucial for maximizing patient safety. This is why Kollidon is manufactured to the most exacting of standards in a world-class plant. And our experts continue to innovate, improving and expanding our portfolio. The groundbreaking PeroXeal packaging concept effectively “seals” the product, marking the next stage in Kollidon’s evolution.

The aluminum-free PeroXeal bag features three different functional film layers complemented by inert gas flushing and heat sealing. The result: a significantly lower risk of oxidation and a shelf life of up to four years. This makes worrying about peroxide levels, K values, API degradation and contamination with aluminum flakes a thing of the past. What’s more, Kollidon’s enhanced stability opens the door for entirely new applications. For example, you can now use Kollidon as an alternative to cellulose when working with oxygen-sensitive ingredients. In addition, the bag’s transparent inner lining is compatible with NIR testing – so packaging can remain sealed until the product is actually being used, retaining Kollidon’s freshness. And best of all, the new packaging is available at no additional cost to the customer.

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Why PeroXeal is our best packaging concept to date:


  • Longer shelf life (up to four years)
  • Stable K values and low peroxide levels – opening the door for new applications
  • Formulation stability and reduced API degradation
  • Consistent performance in terms of binding, viscosity and adhesion
  • Transparent inner lining compatible with NIR testing
  • Minimal risk of aluminum contamination
  • No extra cost


The new packaging concept is already available for most Kollidon grades – and is being gradually rolled out to additional products in the Kollidon portfolio.